I hate not knowing what to write sometimes. It feels like it's the waste of mind. How do I push through this every night without losing my mind? Being trapped on your phone trying to figure out what to write. Studying the world's negative vibe, trying to hover over politics to see which side is right. Who am I to decide? That's not my fight. I don't believe in conflict! Unless it's in my line of fire. I don't waste my time with wars that don't matter. I don't look in the direction of egos, most of you are all bark with no bite. You talk hard with no facts, you point fingers when shit goes bad. You can't look me in the eyes when I tell you to. So tell me, how the fuck am I suppose to respect you? I'm not playing peek a boo, I'm speaking to you. So man the fuck up and look me in my eyes, quit acting like I'm the devil in disguise. I've been working to earn my wings and halo. You think you can walk all over me whenever you see the goofy side of me; using it for a weakness so you can come in for the kill. It's funny to me, because some of y'all try to be too real and get killed for it. When I say real, I mean fake. Sorry! when I say killed, I mean loved. Oh, so now I know where love has gone. So when I'm lost this is my ignite, I fire first and never think twice. I don't shy away from my yellow line. I keep on walking until it's all left behind.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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