When I was four years

When I was four years old I attended a summer school that my parents put me through in order to keep their rambuntious child occupied,

I didn't seem to mind it at all and I was always making lots of new friends everyday,

I would build blocks and play dress up and run around on the playground...

The playground was across the street.

It had two swings with two broken seats, one metal slide abandoned in the hot summer time...

And one roundabout.

If you don't know what a roundabout is then think of it this way:

Every kid tries to pile on the spinner while one kid runs around on the outside pulling the pole with him,

The roundabout would turn and turn and turn until we got sick,

Or some of us fell off.

I remember one time we had all toddled over to the playground with our superviser who was supposed to keep an eye on us, you know, whatch us play,

A few minutes went by after getting tired of taking turns on the broken swings and burning our little bottoms on the metal slide,

And we finally decided to hop on the roundabout.

As we all crouched down on the spinner and started to turn my vision became blurry and the world around me changed instantly,

Trees became streaks of green, the tanbark below our feet became a odd hue of brown and tan,

And the sky spun with a wonderful tint of blue...

And the world went black.

I am sixteen years old now and a junior attending high school,

And I am a roundabout in my playground world of broken swings of mood,

My world spins around me in an odd complexion of colors much like my emotions amuse me in a whirlwind of anxiety,

I am... a beast.

Fuck this shit I am out.



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