When I was 15

Thinking about when I was 15 coming up in the Reagan era. Seems like the older I get the picture become more clearer. Still remember the day, May of 89. I was 15 when Vee asked me to help him count 500 racks. He looked at me and said "TR we got to make sure it's right" So we had to count it back. I was still 15 when me and Cheese sat at his house. At 28th & Cecil B and counted about 20K. We broke down $5,000 and I watched him put the rest away. I was still 15 when 2 dues around 22nd and Montgomery. They thought they was going to rob me but I refused to run. Foolish thoughts had them thinking I was just a Lil fly nigga. But I had my gun. I still visualize his face when he realize he was shot. He looked so stunned. I was just 15 when main man snatch my chain. A week and a half later I was still 15. When we caught up with him. And letf him there bleeding help in the rain. I was still 15 when Me, Bam and Dave went down 9th and Venango. And extorted some Puerto Ricans. Dave slapped Poppy in the head with the pound and left his shit leaking. Yeah I was still 15 when the block was making $50,000 a day. Still remember Old Head Melvin telling me about buying dollar houses and putting some money away. At that time I was too young to understand the beauty and the jewels in what he had to say. Yeah I was still 15 when my brother got shot. Yup still 15 when Big Homie caught the homicide at the top of the block. Still remember being 15 when I felted in love for the first time. I know for a fact I was 15 when Lil R-D showed me my first 9. And I was just 15 I still remember how I cried. When I got the news that my man Cheese and OG Johnnel died.🤞💯🌹💞

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