When I start to rise


Let's do this before we expire
don't look away or you too will transpire
into a mindless individual a zombie to them
they take you and use you until you are dead
open your eyes and listen closely
they are real and they are out there
no matter how devious they maybe
you wake up in the morning thinking you are safe
the truth is they control you and make you feel insane
The CIA, the government, even Internet and cable
anything with radio waves makes them able
to take over your mind your soul purpose of living
you fall for it daily
 it's almost like you're giving
them the chance to own you, possess you, and control you
it's sick but they own
computer chips and microscopic shit
but you can fight them until destruction is brought upon their throne
standing up and speaking out will leave you with a death sentence
but this is has got to stop
and I won't quit until I end this
Tupac and MJ
I hear you loud and clear
Martin and JFK
I do not feel no fear
even though they go after
the ones with the loudest voices
I am but one and hear their laughter
But I am the one that makes my choices
and I choose to say no and block them
through their cruel, disgusting and Satanic ways
God himself can't forgive them
I am not here to start a war
I am not here to stall
but if they keep killing
then I will defeat them all
and I will fight to the day I die
because they don't care about us
But when I start to rise
A hero in their children's eyes
then they will give a fuck about us
Tila I pray for you
Paris I know it's true
but Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kanye, and Diddy
all I feel for you fools is pity
keep living the way you are
all happy and --"blessed"
for wait till your days are over
till you've reached the end of your course
you will feel the consequences
and realize your soul is not yours
I believe in Jesus in God
and their tower
he reigns upon me
he gives me love, strength, and power
this life is only temporary, transient and not guaranteed
a new,better, life is waiting for me
the very day that I leave
but before I'm in peace
and my soul is set free 
I will open your eyes
to the truth that shall keep
you alive with Gods grace
protecting you even when you sleep
because you are the owner of your soul
not the illuminati


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