"When I put on my Lab Coat" By: Joselyn Pozo

When I put on my lab coat,I can feel all eyes on me,For this doctor in training,Is as happy as can be.Preparing for my future,Following my dreams,Thinking about graduation,I can almost hear the screams.All my friends exited,Parents drowning in their own tears,Knowing that time has flown by,Shifted to third gear.Their babies all grown up,Walking across that stage,This part of our life is over,Time to turn the page.To start a new chapter,Where our journey awaits,Be part of the world,As one of the greats.When I put on my Labcoat,I feel proud, I feel strong,Knowing that knowledge is power,My parents where right all along.Work hard, study hard,And everything will fall into place,I have no time for fooling around,I have dreams to chase.Gauges and Syringes,Bones and veins,We've got Arteries and Ventricles,Don't forget the brain.We've got all these contraptions,designed to keep us alive,My purpose in this world,Is to help people survive.To use these healing hands,To help heal the ill,God gave me a calling,With a destiny to fulfill.When I put on my Labcoat,Time fast fowards fifteen years,An old woman on a hospital bed,Experiencing her worse fears.I look into her eyes,and see my own reflection,I see her heart beat rising,I know we've lost connection.Her eyes role back and close,Her ECG goes flat,My hands fly to her chast,I need an AED STAT!My partner gets the bag Valve Mask,Starts providing positive pressure ventilation,My compressions become faster,We want a complete resusitation."Place pads on bare chest",The time is almost near,"No one touch the patient!","Now everybody CLEAR!!",The shock runs through her body,Her chest begins to rise,And with every passing beat,My eyes begin to cry.With all these thoughs in my head,It makes it hard to take a break,Knowing i'll make my dream come true,With every smart move I make.It's amazing that with just a Labcoat,How many doors flung wide open,This is the life i'm living,And this is the path I've chosen.   



This poem was both inspiring and emotional. My dream is to join the medical field as well and it's scary to think of everything  I'll have to go through along the way.

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