When "I love you" is not enough


 The lies are consistent

The abuse, verbally, and physically not to mention

The love I have for you is far more deep then you will ever know

but because I love me I have to let you go

because I love you how I truly feel I refuse to show


Love is a two- way street

but what am I supposed to do when you abondoned me

"Torture" is a understatement of what you have done to me

I stood by your side through thick and thin

I did this not  because I have to but, because I love you


We should have communicated or even took a break

We should have went to counseling or maybe just prayed

I played a part just as you did

but you took it to the point where we can NEVER be friends

because I love you I allowed you to abuse my heart

but because I love me I have to allow us to drift apart


I wanted affection, love, and a little attention 

Instead I got slander, disrespect, and unfilled wishes

You stopped calling everynight that was a sign

because I love you I chose to ignore the signs


They say love is blind, which is why i'm opening my eyes

I refuse to allow the blind to lead the blind

As much as I love you I have to love me more

Since I love me more im choosing to close this door

Since I love me more I'm choosing to lose this fight

To some, I may seem weak but I know this is not my fight


I wanted you to want me enough to stop

But, because I love you I stayed and continued to fight

We weren't one anymore, we disagreed a lot

We fought over any and everything

But, because I love me I refuse to rot

I refuse to allow you to drain my energy, the lies must stop

I know my worth, I refuse to cry

I'm strong, you won't see me cry


All I can do is reminisce

Afterall,  who knew things would end like this

Our bond was "unbreakable" we were supposed to last

You were my everything you were more then my "forever"

We were bestfriends, we were all we had

We ended when our two- way street, became a three-way stop sign

Now all I have is ME, and YOU have YOU

But, because I love you the answers I need to know

Why didn't you let me go?

Why didn't you fight for you and I?

I know you loved me, but when did it stop?

Because I love you, my heart has stopped

Because I love me, we have to stop






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