When I lost you

Thu, 01/28/2021 - 18:06 -- AnMills

When I lost you my eyes bled with sorrow

Salty droplets flood the ground,

As the mourning days grew long,

Foreboding clouds blocked out the sunshine that had once filled the crisp afternoon air,

that once glazed the Earth creating a pitiful surface.

The plants no longer bloomed in vibrant hues of blue, fuschia, and chartreuse but in the depressed of grays.

The world without a purpose, seemingly hopeless, dull and void of life.

I wished to rescue you from the troubles in which taunt you,

yet the ability to do so was yanked from my grasp at each opportunity

I could only watch as you were tormented by the demon in your home,

As you scream and cry begging for help,

I could only weep into my palms regretting my selfishness.

The time we spent together was wasted,

I ruined the time and as I let myself conquer the conversations,

I knew not only of what I stole from your vault of secrets until after your shadow grew dim then faded from my side.

As I tried to fix my mistake, the truth hit my heart with pressure,

as it summoned puddles back onto my cheeks,

they leaked out onto the streets below my feet.

When I lost you colors were leached from my world,

and the blues faded to black, my guardian angel whispered a blessing upon my soul, restoring my peace of mind.

You are my life, and my life is not over, not tarnished.

This poem is about: 
My family


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