When I Look at the Sky (Scholarship Slam)


United States
42° 14' 2.5656" N, 88° 20' 1.1328" W

Down on my luck
Out of my mind
What's going on?
I've lost track of time.
Where do I go?
Why can't you stay?
It doesn't make sense
these words that you say.
What's this I hear?
Where do i start?
I can't take the time
that we spend apart.

Distance is pain
and pain is deceit
but patience is strong
Have you tasted defeat?

You see,
some symbolize the colors of the sky
To represent ones lows
and represent ones highs.
Today, the color is not gray
but yet it's not blue
I wander what color
times chosen for you.

Corina Avalos


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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