when i have a daughter

When I have a daughter, I want her to explore the world.

 I want her to see the wonders of a starry sky on a cold night by a campfire, watching how all the blues and purples blend together to paint a mural upon her eyes.

 I want her to experience the joyfulness of having a butterfly kiss your nose and flutter upon her hair.

But most of all, I want her to see the tragedies of the world, not to scare her or traumatize her but to learn from others' mistakes, understand their stories. Our past shapes us into who we are, there is no doubt in my mind that I am who I am today because of all the heartbreak, and the joys I've had.

 I want her to know that her past doesn't define her, but the scars and the experience mold you. 

Scars are nothing to be ashamed of, it's just an indicator that you’ve lived.

 I wish my mother taught me when I was younger that it's ok to cry, it's nothing to be afraid of.

 As a mother you need to prepare your children for the world, not shield them. 

Let them experience loss, but then comfort them and let them know it's normal.

 Show them life, explain death, so that one day when they understand, they can see the beauty within the dark

When i have a daughter i'm going to treat her right.


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