When I Found You

So I seem a little strange,
always going to and fro,
and I can't stand to just stay here-
I'm always on the go.


I don't stick to schedule or routine-
It seems like such a dull life.
I'm a bit full of surprises
and different things,
so maybe you'll have to live
with just strange me.


There's so much to see and do-
they say there's so little time,
so I guess I rush on and walk away
just because I can't seem to mind
that I'll go until I can be stopped-
and maybe then I can end this terrible rhyme.


Well meeting you is the cause for this,
for why I've stopped in my tracks.
It seems like now,
the world belongs with you.
The forests, mountains, beaches,
and anywhere I'd love to go.
Only, it's you I'm after,
and I can't quite figure out why,
but you're all I really need-
my sun, my earth, my sky.


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