When I Don't Think About the Girl Behind the Curtain, I'm Safe


When people see me

They don't really see me

The smiles

The laughs

The "I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-about-it-all" attitude

Is what keeps me safe

They don't know that the ripping in half of my family

Has caused me to grow so much faster than I ever wanted to

That my parents speak to each other through me

Becuase if they attempt a conversation

They will rip each other's throats out before one gets a syllable out

So I read

I sing

I act



I act like none of it bothers me

That the constant "tell-your-father's" or "tell-your-mothers"

Is something I've learned to live with


It isn't

But, I can't tell myself that

Or else I go mad

So I don't think about her

I don't think about that lonely girl behind the curtain

I don't think of her becuase I'm scared to be her

So I'm safe when I don't think about her

That stupid girl

Who is too terrified to stand up to her parents

And shout


Don't they see I alredy hate myself enough

So I much rather like to think I'm the Wizard's big moving head

Not the girl behind the emerald curtain

Becuase when I'm the Wizard

I'm safe






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