When I Break Down

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 21:01 -- Chez

Directionless anger and frustration without a purpose

Are surging through me when I break down.


Every bad memory,

Every frustration and regret,

They all surge through my mind when I break down.


I lose control of myself

And I say terrible things when I break down.


When I break down,

I just want to run.

Houses feel like cages and people like jailers

When I break down.


When I break down

Is the only time I wish I was normal,

That I was neurotypical.


When I break down

All I really want is for someone to listen to me,

To understand that I am aware that I am losing my mind.


I want to be alone when I break down

Because no one truly understands me when I break down.



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