When Hopes Get High. . .

Looks reared you in, but my personality didn't.

Except that personality just isn't.

At least not entirely.

You walked by discreetly.

Did you even notice me ?

Or just ignored me completely ?

Didn't know if to greet you.

Had me feeling all day blue.


At first I'm nice.

Too damn nice.

Stupid me.

Wish you could have took some time to see

How much better i can really be.


Your looks reared me in as well.

Your personality is a bit of a mystery,

But i still almost fell.

You should be able to forget me easily.

Bet I'm the last one up in your thoughts.

But in mine, there's still spots.


How'd you change from night to day ?

How do I know you were being honest ?

How do i know if I can still talk to you ?

How will I know you won't ignore me ?


Guess I put my hopes up.

Feels like a breakup.

All these other guys lineup,

Thirsty to hookup,

But, my heart is on lockup.


You seem like someone who I was looking for.

Now I'm just unsure.

Unsure if anyone like you will like me anymore.

I'm not the kind to be in a relationship & explore,

But for you, I was willing to soar. . .


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