When "the good die young"

It is true when they say, “the good die young”

For I witnessed the passing of the most wonderful soul

Her melody prematurely unsung

The strength that she left behind

Resigned in her children and her loved ones

When “the good die young” they leave pieces of themselves

The emptiness she left in my heart

Filled with appreciation and passion

For without her I would not know what it truly feels like

To live

When “the good die young” they open eyes to parts of life

Previously unseen

She lived as though every day was her last,

And when that day came

This was taught to the ones who had to prepare

To live

Without her

When “the good die young” they are never truly forgotten

But instead imbedded

In the way that the people they leave behind learn

To live

The passing of loved ones and mentors is never easy

But there is always something to retain from the darkness

To use in the light

When “the good die young.”


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My family
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