When Autumn Breezed Into My Life

We met when we did not expect it

Caring for other people’s children

To me you were a beautiful lady

With eyes kind and a smile so bright

Your laugh was adorable

We had so much in common

It was almost too bizarre

But that is how fate works

Whether it be the flip of a coin or the turn of a bottle 

I didn’t know if you would find me to be annoying

So I was worried to speak in front of you

But when you started to talk about

Your health, and I saw your love of the children

To this day I still have no idea how I got so lucky

To gain a true companion that will always help me carry my load

I know you’ll be there in my darkest days

And wipe my tears in my saddest moments

I couldn’t imagine my heart for life without you

For a huge hole would be right in the middle and I wouldn’t be able to function

This is your birthday and you deserve to be pampered

It feels good to see you treated so well

And I can only hope that for the rest of your life you continue getting the same treatment

Happy birthday my beautiful best friend

Don’t ever give up, for you have the strength to carry you for years

This poem is about: 
My family


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