When All Is Well

How does one know when all is well?

Don't worry, there's an aswer to the question,

There's no wrong answer, but seek the answer in the lesson


It was as simple as the words that you see me typing,

As pointless as a pencil without a point, (but who's writing?)

I could've made the mistake and said it wouldn't mean a thing,

But needless to say, a quick mistake cause words forever sting.


Just take a moment, think about it, and hear me out....


The most pointless things in the world can still be created,

Sharpen it a few times and it creates the art most contemplated,

So if it wasn't great then, let me help you see potential,

In a ring where you see no boxer, who wins? In a race where you see no runner, who begins?


They both do,

Well the same for life without shined light, the winner is you.

Remember when victory isn't displayed, there's no audience to remind you of your dismays,

So if you fall before you reach the ending but still make it to the finish line, nobody can say it wasn't great because they only see the prize.

Who cares if you saw a struggle before you felt relief, or if you may have stumbled, and thought you were defeated,

You weren't defeated, you felt relief, and you learned a lesson to take home,

Coquering the struggle is the greatest victory that one ever could've known....


So remember, all is well!

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Our world
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