When my toes finally poked through
Those converse sneakers from 8th grade
And my shirts got a bit too tight
When the boys stopped wanting to play ball
And the girls just wanted to fight
When I was always falling apart
And I kind of liked real food
When the homework took forever
And all I wanted was a dude
When my mom got pretty mad
And we didn't talk for days
When I got my first job
And it wasnt worth the pay
When I wrote a book in school
And it gave me a new mindset
When I learned to drive
And realized I couldn't afford a car yet
When I saw death firsthand
And couldnt help at all
When I learned I'm not invincible
And I crack when I fall
When I got up and glued myself together
That's when I learned I might have grown up. And I'm not the same girl I thought was so tough. I'm stronger.

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