Thu, 09/14/2017 - 14:13 -- Penola

When you can fight freely knowing that you will get through this.

When you can play and wrestle like children over the smallest things.

When you can support each other, sometimes like a house of cards,

weak and delicate yet still standing strong, 

And other times like a rock in a storm, an anchor to reality.

When you can see each others faults, and still find joy, not despite but because of them.

When you can say with absolute certainty that you know their deepest fears,

yet you still scare their pants off during a horror film.

When you can poke fun at each other and know when to stop.

When you can feel their sorrow and pain as your own.

When you can tell them that they are being stupid.

When you can make the tough decisions when they cannot.

When you look at them and see your whole world.

When you know that if they ever leave you it will tear you apart,

but you know you will be able to move on with your life. 

When you let them watch their favorite show for hours on end even though you hate it. 

When you know exactly what they want for their birthday.

When you can laugh at their misfortune, but still comfort them when they need it. 

When you can stand up for them when they cannot  defend themselves. 

When you can still love them even though they do things that infuriate you. 

When you can have fun exploring each other's bodies with out shame or fear. 

When you can be open and honest with them about anything.

When you work together toward mutual happiness. 

Then you have a friend

a confidant

a lover

a partner

that you can spend the rest of your life with. 






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