Wheels in My Head

I'm in a wheelchair, nothing to hide there.

But the wheels on the ground have nothing to do with the wheels in my head.

Society has no idea how smart I am, we are.

They lower the bar of expectations, putting limitations on who we can be.

Because after all we can't understand them anyway, can we?

Because of our equipment, the movement of our bodies,

We're painted as empty headed nothings.

Incapable of thinking, feeling, understanding, anything.

Drool splatters, and our opinions don't matter.

Scars on our skin, become indicators of the person withen.

We didn't ask for them, this is not the body we chose to live in!!

It's time for stereotyping to stop.

Drop your gaze, make eye contact with us,

Forget the assumptions, the symbols, the short yellow bus.

You could find a genius, you never know,

Give us a chance to prove you wrong.

You'll find doctors, models, actors.

Physical body is not a factor in intelligence.

Body has nothing to do with mind, so be respectful, be kind.

There's more than meets the eye, so stop assuming, walking by.

The person on wheels, might teach you something new,

They might just heal YOU. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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