What's on Your Mind?


What’s on your mind? Is it a person? Someone you wish you knew?  A mime, trying to find the right words to express its inner being. What’s on your mind? The beauty of the sea? Wonder how deep it can be? The moon? Glistening in the sky? How its, nature shines so brightly, reflecting the perfect picture on the water, but yet it’s so high... But, far away. Far away the leaves go with the wind. And within, is a seed. Waiting to explode before it all ends. Too soon. Too late. Anything can be great. What’s on your mind? The warmth that you feel in your heart? But this world we live in makes it so harsh.. Dried. And brittle. The “new” world around us, surrounding us with its open arms. Knowing that we all need caring. If there was a ladder stretching up to the sky, with all of your dreams at the very top, so high…Your adventure comes with twists and turns. Do not get so caught up in everything around you moving quickly that you tend to forget to admire every moment that you receive. You’ll eventually get there. What’s on your mind?

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