What's the Rush?

The class is packed

With students,




All energy sapped

From the all-nighter before

Doing Math,

And English,

And Science.


I try to focus,

But my eyes just keep closing.

If they gave us less to do at night,

Right now my mind would actually be learning.


What's the rush?

It's like they're reading off a list.

Not even any time for questions,

Only time or this,

Then this,

Then this.


Isn't this a place for thinking?

That's not possible when we're almost sleeping

Oh teacher, why give so much homework

When we've tried so hard at school?


And it's not much by itself

But with five other classes

And work for every class

Don't expect us to provide quality...

Only enough to pass.


Now I'm not saying homework's bad,

Not at all, in fact it helps with practice.

But if I don't even have time to do my chores

That says too much has been assigned for all my classes.


So why not give less homework

So we can have more time for our personal lives

And definitely essential sleep?


Why not spend more time on each subject during class

And then we'll have a better understanding of the topic?


Why not teach with your own knowledge

Rather than reading off a power point

That someone else made

Just to get through the lesson

Only because it's required?


But instead I'm given more homework

And then I stay up late

And the next day I'm tired

And during school I can't focus

And the teacher gets irritated

But the teacher was the one

Who assigned all the homework in the first place.





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