What's red, white, and successful all over?


My cheeks were getting full and my body was getting plump, my parents kept telling me, it was time to get off of my hump. 

Cheerleading was something that I tried but this was not a sport for me, so I just cried. 

On to tennis was the next, but it was obvious, that I was not the best. 

The baton I twirled up and down, but I would get dizzy as it went round and round. 

Softball was a game that looked like fun, the ball hits the bat and you run, run, run. 

On my first team the jerseys were blue, I have to admit that I didn't have a clue. 

If I was lucky I would hit the ball, and as I touched first base I heard cheering by all. 

As time went on I learned to play, I joined the Desert Wolves who's jerseys were gray. 

I was determined to be successful when I pitched, I stood proud on the mound as I dug a big ditch. 

Hours and hours I spent in the backyard, to reach my goals I had to work hard. 

College ball was a dream in my sight, as my parents told me, my future was bright. 

Running, training, and losing weight, my high school jersey was lucky number eight. 

Turning in my jerseys the sad voices I heard, as my next stop was far away as a Southern Utah Thunderbird. 

My college jersey is red, black, and white, as I smile and laugh, my parents were right. 

Hard work and determination will make you a rockstar, Haley they said, you will go far.

Softball is a game dear to my heart, I love the sport, I hope we never part. 

Written by Haley Wall 


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