Whats the prize ?

Hey miss Jackie how are you today ?

I remember the lesson you gave to the class the other day

about oppression miscommunication and depression

But where is the story about the biggest one yet ?

how society is evolving ,changing and developing for the worst

you tell us about the world wars and the great wars too

But what about the worlds internal conflict ending in external battle grounds.

The history book tells us about the 44 president

but what about their life made us highlight their presence ?

You took us to when immigration begin we found many stories of inclusion with this

We want everyone to believe we got it going all good

But inside our country is dividing within

Segregation, Immigration and all the worse of them

We use people to advance our profit But turn around and sell them for nothing

Deceit , Hurt and prejudice

Where espionage and terrorize lies

Where in a war with each other for what?

Religion, oil, money and government

But after millions of life’s are ruined

Children are dying

What is the positive?

What is the prize then?


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