What's in a Name

Define Garrett

Can't? Me neither

And yet I am him

When I'm not there to point at

What do they say?

Is he the judgmental bigot

That is a heartless, cruel demon?

Is he the lender, defender, pretender?

Who is he?

What is Garrett?

Does it mean the dream-crusher?

Is he the failer, prevailer?

Is he the smart kid with the answers

And rude simply because he refuses to help?

Is he the mean kid who tells you "You should already know the answer"?

Is he the kid that gets mad at questions?

The one who heaves a sigh and says "You should have paid more attention..."

"But I did pay...."
"Obviously not. You have a question about the instructions".

Is this heartless bastardy?

Am I cruel? Or are you sensitive?

"Why are you so mean?" Why do you lack understanding?

Is it cruel to be smart, smarter than you?

Or is it cruel to badger the intelligent into cheating you of your education?

Is it cruel to give answers or to withold them?

Invariably, something gets damaged: your pride or your learning.

Am I cruel? Given the Herman's Choice, how can I be anything else?

Am I irritated with you? Do irate stares have no meaning?

How can I give you an answer any plainer than what sits openly before you?

Am I something else entirely?

The religious bigot cramming the Bible down your throat?

Condemning you with backup?

Does that make "Garrett" a coward?

The only one to stand up for justice

Even when the emd result backfires on him

Does that make Garrett a fool?

I am all of this, but I will be defined by none of it

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My community


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