what's in my mind

I miss your hugs
your kisses too
I wake up and your no longer there
the bed feels so empty
I wish you were here
the nights are cold without you near
I miss your feeling
and how you would grown
it was cute to see you sleep
and then give me a peek
try to close your eyes and not smile for getting caught
I miss your arms around me
hugging me tight
you wouldn't let go
you never wanted to leave my side
so why did you go?
I'm not mad or upset
I'm left confused
and broken hearted
why did you do what you did
you told me to trust you
to rely on you
that you would protect me
keep me out if harms way
that you would love me more then I would ever know
so why
why do this
you left me confused
you didnt even let me say I love you
you said it in a txt and after a goodbye
you didnt answer
not even a reply
I knew what had happen
I knew what you had done
why couldn't you wait for me
why did you have to have that gun
why did you pull the trigger
why couldn't you have waited
I was almost there
I was speeding
driving as fast as I could
but I was to late
you were already for gone
I couldn't bring you back
as much as I wanted you to stay



I am left speechless...it took alot of courage to write this piece. Thank you for sharing, for opening this window so we can see. Consider a follow up piece

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