What's Makin' Me Happy?

Well I can tell you this much. My happy is real.

I am a happy person. Even though I don't let it show.

I can make it seem like I am having fun. Even if I'm hollow inside.

Want a hint? It's paper, and can be any size. Some with lots of pictures, and others with none.

There are so many in the world you can never have them all.

They make you feel things you have never thought of before.

Have you guessed yet?

Yep! That's it!

My books. All books. t doesn't matter if one person doesn't like a book because another person will.

The feelings that come with reading a good book can overwhelm a person.

I know because I've felt it.

So many times have I cried because of a book. Or laughed until I was crying because, yes, it really was that funny.

Books make me happy. And even if school has started and summer is over you always have books.

You can't always go to a beach, or hang with friends, because, seriously, homework gets in the way.

But the friends inside the books are always there and ready for an adventure.

You never have to wait for a spare moment or gas money for the car. You can sit and read.

And it doesn't have to be quiet either. I am a very voca reader.

You can't stop me from laughing.

My books make me happy. Because, in this world, they are all I have left.


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