What's Healthy?

Mon, 10/30/2017 - 10:10 -- Sara1

What’s Healthy?


Having all kinds of friends is healthy.

Enjoying ethnic festivals and food is healthy.

Always respecting people is healthy.

Learning about other cultures is healthy.

Trying to communicate with different people is healthy.

Hearing what other people have to say is healthy.

Yoga with friends in the park is healthy.


What’s Unhealthy?


Unkind behavior is unhealthy.

Not respecting other cultures is unhealthy.

Having only one kind of friend is unhealthy.

Excluding someone because they’re different is unhealthy.

Anti-Semitic behavior is unhealthy.

Linking someone with something because of their race or religion is unhealthy.

Threatening someone is unhealthy.

Hate is unhealthy.

Yelling instead of listening is unhealthy.


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