What's Great About This Life

The Greatness of Life

Whats the greatest thing about life?

Being african american, I honestly dont know

Maybe it’s the way we turn dreams into schemes we actually live

Or the way we get stomped and shot by cops and still manage to forgive

Whats the greatest thing about life?

Still I honestly dont know

Maybe it's the power of the fist of the picks in our afros

Or the bad influence of men we got as a tadpole

Or the landlord threatening us with pink slips of eviction

Or the judge oh so quickly to hand us a conviction

I swear we are the dinosaurs

Powerful but near extinction

So whats the greatest thing about life?

Well after reading from above, I can now tell ya.

Its having a child in this world

Looking in them in their eyes and telling them everything mentioned above is only a figment

Telling them that they have the power to live their life as none of those things ever existed

The greatest thing about life is the ability to make a change

Ability to forgive those trees in the parks, where our people used to hang

We can all make mistakes and we can all make a change

Being able to take negativity and turn into positivity

Now, that’s the greatest thing about life.


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