What's Freedom Worth?

They say there's a fee

We must pay to be free,

But if thousands must die

Is the price too high?


Blood and tears are the cost

Or else our freedom's considered lost.

Why can't words be the currency

When freedom's such an urgency?


We could sit down and talk,

Perhaps go for a walk,

And work out something fair

Without harming a hair.


There are cultural differences

But that's a minor interference;

Conflicting schools of thought

Could be overcome if we talked--not fought.


Despite the rationality

Guns and bombs are the key!

Peace is elementary,

But the country refuses to see.



Are we not civil enough,

Or are we "just too tough"

To negotiate rights

Instead of starting fights?


So thank God you're free

Then look back and see

Was the price of liberty

More costly than need be?


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