What's that feeling?

What's that feeling when

your throat gets tight

and there's a belt around your ribs

and you can't get a full breath in

and you're hyperventilating 

and lightheaded

and feel like youre going to vomit

and like theres a heavy lead weight over your chest

pressing down hard?

And you can't quite swallow but you're salivating like hell 

and you're petrified-

its all you can do to freaking breathe.

Every muscle is sore and heavy and your body is weighed down

by a hundred feelings and memories that no words can describe

and everything is sorta half-frozen and fuzzy.

And your shoulders are a tight line and your intestines are a knot.

And movement feels frozen at the same time.

And nothing is right and youre practically crying...

What the hell is that?


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