Whatever They Say, She's Awesome

She knows the drill;

She struggles every day,

Just to keep herself going

And drive the pain away.


For years she remained unsure

Just who she might become.

Her resolve is thick and full,

But the battle is not yet won.


Some people simply can’t accept

The person that she is

Because they think it shouldn’t be “hers”

And instead it should be “his”.


I always said, “Be happy,

Just do what feels right,”

Although some would call it “encouraging”

And end up starting a fight.


Her family never listens…

They don’t try to understand,

But I wish they’d give her a chance

And extend some loving hands.


Because that girl is awesome,

Standing up for what she does,

Is she not the same child

That her parents are meant to love?


I think that she’s awesome

For the bravery that she shows,

Facing the world as she is

From the top of her head to her toes.


Whatever they say, she’s awesome

And deserves a life of joy,

Because she has the spirit to fly

Despite being born a boy.

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Our world
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