What You Think This Poem is About?

Bravery can exist in the weakest of people
You try to be tough
You try to be the baddest
Always popping off and picking on the weakest
So you think...
Trying to break them like a twig from a tree
Trying to prove that your stronger than them
Always ready to fight until that one night
Thinking that they're just a snitch
When they being the bigger person
Don't sleep on people who is quiet
Always be aware of your surroundings
It's always that one moment when you thought it was over
This is not a game that you play
You thought you was big and bad
Ooo you wish you never had
Always knew that you was weak and fragile
Keep saying the same thing to mess with my brain
Over looking the game that you playing
killing you with kindness
Makes you hate More than ever
Laughing at you because people see your true colors
I appreciate all the effort you put into making me suffer
But look at me now
Smiling as happy as ever
I am more stronger than ever!

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