What You Can't Say To Teachers


Omg, I'm Late, Late To My 4th Period 

The Bell Just Had Rung

Mr./Ms.______ Don't Yell At The Top Of Your Lungs

Thats Why I Have Parents, To Nag, Talk, And Yell

That Position's Already Filled Too Bad Oh Well

It Wansnt My Intention, IntentionTo Be Late

I Came For You To Teach, To Educate

Why Do You Exaggerate, I Walked In 15 Seconds Late

I Was Stuck In Traffic Plus My Locker Wouldn't Open

 Clockwise, CounterClockwise, Clockwise It Finally Opened

Now It's Time For Your Lesson, Which I Barely Understand

Right Out The Textbook Information Second Hand

Why Are You Here, Do You Even Like To Teach?

Give Us Words Of Encouragement, The Sky Is To Reach

I Wish You Would Take Us, Take Us Seriously

Just Because We're Round 18 Don't Mean We're Full Of Stupidity

We're The Children Of The Future

It All Up To Us 

Give Us Words Of Wisdom So We Can Entrust

The Next President, Producer, A Senator And More

That Fact That We Are Able, You Completely Ignore 

It Would Help To Get Your A** Up, A** Up Off That Chair

To Teach A Thing Or Two So We Can All Be Prepared

Many Of Us Here That Are Willing To Learn

To Get The Type Of LifeStyle We Can Succesfully Earn










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