What Is Wrong?

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 15:44 -- kccno10

I don't understand what's wrong

How everything is right, then everything is wrong

How a broken relationship was once so strong

How you can love someone and not know for so long

How beautiful happiness can now be so gone

What's wrong when you're no longer the one

When at night you still think about your never born son

How when you wake up, the good dream is done

When they find out you're dead and you're the one holding the gun

What's wrong when nobody loves you in your life

When everything you do is no longer right

When all of a sudden your day turns into night

And the once heavy burden is now so light

What's wrong when your world turns upside down

Whats wrong when the world is no longer sound

What's wrong when nobody is ever around

It's life that's wrong but what do we do now...

To make things right and fix the wrongs?




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