What Would You Teach a Girl?



Not every girl needs to be taught the ropes.

But what if one day she loses all hope?

First, teach a girl to spell her name

There is no one else that has the same.


She will feel like her life is a curse,

Because everything going wrong, gets worse.

Teach a girl how to smile,

It will make her life feel more worthwhile.


She has been drug around for far too long,

And she just start singing to some silly song.

Teach a girl to laugh at her mistakes,

Even if her heart aches.


Her boyfriend breaks up with her,

And she feels like such a fool.

Teach a girl to always wake up and have a good morning,

Because one day she will wake up to Mr. Prince Charming.


Don't let the bad angle change your mind,

Never let the good angel fall behind.

Teach a girl respect,

this will make her future a little more perfect.


There are millions of things you can teach a girl,

But no one has enough time in the world.

Just listen and remember ¨you will make mistakes,¨

And a girl's life will surely be a piece of cake.



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