What Would You Change Scholarship Slam.


There’s too much that needs changing, all the submitted.

Dreams of change are just that, regardless if they are correct.

What is already written, can’t help everyone, thus they rant.

Submitted is judged by submissions, based on the writers ideas.

What’s only one thing I would change/suggest too change?

That’s above other submissions, and can correct human suffering?

I choose: something commonly suggested, that is possible/being improved.

Why? Because, the total dead alone, compared to other submissions…

Makes them seem like they are a waste of finances, effort, and time.

Car accidents.  I would wish change, to the submitted. After:

Cars drive themselves. DUI’s fixed, jell submissions, reduced.

Deaths reduced, etc. Like everyone, been around it all.

Sure; you’ve heard all the sob stories, and this isn’t that.

This; it’s a simple contest for money, only one can obtain.

As a son of an outdated mechanic, guess I’m going into teaching.

Ironic? Well that’s up to you, writing, this is what’s submitted.





- ps i usually dont enter stuff like this, but as all, need money.

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