What Would You Change Scholarship Slam.


What could I change?

In this world- varieties range.

I would change sin.

In the end it doesn't matter-Jesus will win.

But, He wouldn't have to come again

If people did't sin with a grin.

Actually, if there was no sin, He-God, 

would never have to use the 'rod'.

America was not found on freedom,

That's what many believe, except for some.

Freedom was big, but God is bigger,

Even more than the excitement of Tigger.

We were founded on the freedom of religion.

God was their religion in all the region.

But sin against God has corrupted that.

And now, God gets less attention than a cat.

God created us and we rebel with sin.

I hate sin and so does my kin.

That is what I would change for everyone's sake.

I want to be real with all, not like all- a fake.

Sin, by the devil, has twisted life as we know it.

And now, luxary is the only pleasure we see fit.

God is ultimate satisfaction, not the temporary satisfaction of sin.

So please don't sin, join Jesus, and WIN!


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