What would you change scholarship slam


Today's tomorrow by Kalib Inman 

Many ask me what would I change?
I would change the life of us.
The humans we are, the people we've become. 
I'll make the world fair then give cancer a scare.
I'll make greed turn into aid and get the poor paid. 
Today's will look as good as tomorrow's and tomorrow's will look as good as today's. 
Love will not be one of judgement but one of embrace. 
God would not be covered in the dark but discovered in the light and all of us wouldn't be afraid of the night. 
Space would be explored and our lives would be changed, hard to believe it's all at our range. Supporting each other is why we're here, it's to build tomorrow's with the strength towards fear. 
I believe there's nothing impossible a human can change, it all here for us right in our range. Those today's and tomorrow's can be without war and those days of peace can add on our core. Technology will aid our future endeavors but the start of it all begins with the clever. 
I stand a clever ready to begin. 
The remodel of man, here as I stand.



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