What Would I Change? A to Zizzo

Almost all of my life I've been suburbanly classed

By a scale of perfection, by a scale of happiness

Choosing my own path, and changing whatever I can to make things better

Doing all i can think of to change myself in order to shed a new light onto the world

Everyday is different in my life, in my house and at my job

For one thing, though, that is not the case with Bothell, my hometown

Growing older, and wiser and bigger in this city

How can I stay within the city limits if whatever is within me presses up against the edges of this town?

Imagine groing so large in everyway possible and seaming over the rims in this jar called Bothell

Just how I feel inside

Kentucky, Germany, Africa, or maybe Japan

Let me go, let me go and change and grow larger in those places

Make a new world for myself and for others

Optimizing my happiness and something else as well

Personally, I know I can

Quesionably, how?

Resting by the fire side, reading to the less fortunate

Supplying a helping hand in a banana tree cultivation

Truly showing my love to another

Understanding what it is in my that needs to change, in order to help change the world

Verifying in me what shouldn't change

What is needed in me to help something else change

x axis on my scale of happiness is endless,

Zip, I have changed once again, for the better, for the happier, but Bothell is still the same



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