What Worries Me


The natural world is disapearing, right before our eyes.

Yet everyone is all for it, and it comes as no surprise.

They'll bulldoze an entire forest, then turn the other cheek.

And it happens every single day, and thats what worries me.


It happens for the paper, and it happens for the wood.

It happens for the new business space, and the new neighborhood.

Nature pays the biggest price, but nobody wants to see.

Our selfish greed has steered us wrong, and thats what worries me.


So they say that a new road is needed, to make commute a little faster?

Then they'll take out a quick thousand acres, and live happily ever after.

Im no enviromentalist, and I've never hugged a tree.

But I'm not blind either, and the problem worries me.


Everyone loves animals, and they all pretend to care.

Yet why do we blast through habitat? I dont think its fair.

Just how much will be left, for the future generations to see?

I think we all can take a good guess, and thats what worries me..







My faveorite part is the fact that I seem to include myself as part of the guilty party. We're all guilty in this issue.

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