What a world

What a world it is for me, I 've over came so many things.

From abuse, to fights, to yells, and doubts I am amazed to say I''ve come around. 

I make straight A's and Dual enrollI  guess negativity did not take a toll

Because through the hurt and all my doubts, I found a way to figure everything out

I knew if  I worked  unyielding, it would pay off with a tremendous feeling

The feeling of joy and excitement, because I had become wise beyond some upperclassmen 

I thought what a  world  this must be , so many wonderful things are happening

I am now dual enrolled and top of my class , I am getting offers from colleges who want me bad 

If  working this hard could get me this far , I feel like if I work harder I will be a star

A star unlike the sun and more like the North Star, I  can guide ones to safety from near and far 

I am sharing my story and my current position, just to say what a world when a little work is put in.

I am now free and as happy can be , I love the freedom dual enrollment gives unto me.

I do my best to maintain my new view on life, working harder and harder to leave behind all of my strife

And though I have come from a weary past, I have now set my life on a luxurious path 

Again I say what a world it is for me but I know there can be a great world for you too

Just take everthing I have said  here and nowand read this to remind you it gets better even when in doubt

Life isn't awesome because of material things, life is awesome because we can achieve our dreams.

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