What Words Fly

To sound your voice in a thousand places,
To sing your song in a hundred spaces,
To unknown, familiar, and numerous faces;

To tell the lowly, meek and humble,
To tell the righteous despite their mumbles,
To tell all through the thunder's rumbles;

Who's ears a writer desires to reach,
Who's minds a teacher desires to teach,
How many faiths some desire to preach;
in time.

And for what reason are these words spoken?
Or phrases written and books opened?
To build something new or mend something broken?
to fight?

Are some words secret, never said aloud?
Never to leave paper or entertain a crowd?
Only for writers' eyes, never formed by mouth?

Some phrases to send a message clear,
Be said loud and pronouced for all to hear,
No thought vagued, no theme made sheer,
out cry. 

Some write for pleasure, some write for pain,
Some write in sunlight, others in rain,
Some words wild, others tame
hello's or goodbye's

To whom you choose your words to bestow,
It is proper to always simply know,
Their purpose so as they are not just thrown,

And allowed to wherever fall. 



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