What A Wise Friend Told Me (please read)

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 13:28 -- lily_a

This isn't a poem or a rant. Read on. You will be happy. A great friend once told me all the following things I am about to share with you. After, I felt enlightened and became a happier human being and hope that you will feel open-minded. Here we go... 


You are not defined by your actions and your thoughts. We are all amazing creatures. 


We are not defined. Definitions are symbols and symbols only exist within the realm of the mind. But what exists beyond that? The bare and physical universe. We are atoms. And when we coprehend atoms we are literally the universe comprehending itself. Atoms comprehending atoms. And many people will say "Isn't it demeaning to say that we are just atoms?" Well let me ask you this. Does that make us less? Or does that make the universe more?


Isn't is absolutely astonishing and wonderful and beautiful that the universe can organize itself into a pattern that allows for the universe to understand itself? That is what gets me up in the morning. 


The past and the future don't exist. You keep them alive in your head. 


We can't help but wonder how we can change the past. The core problem of the human situation is that we have minds that are able to comprehend the infinity, remember the past, predict the future, imagine the vastness of space, but we are limited by our biology. We are limited by our mortality and our frail air-breathing blood-pumping shells. And so in a sense you can see that human experience is essentially a paradox in that the human behing is burdened with the knowledge of his mortality. 


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