What We Think We're Not

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 11:48 -- g-rea14


Interconnected and together infected
we feel the weight of a Moral Law
pressing in on us.
We do what we should not
and fail to do what we ought,
having given away our hearts as lovers
drenched in infidelity
and our bodies like whores
to be sold and bought.
Yet, we praise what we think we are
and condemn what we think we’re not.
We are the crooked!
Martyrs of our own self-righteousness,
we claim the ‘straight and narrow’
out of a path we cleared ourselves.
We are what we say we’re not!
Adulterous liars with thieving hearts,
by our mere existence we are not set apart.
The glare on the jewels of the crowns
that we wear tends to inhibit our ability
to see that we are all the same,
hints of a Designer within our frames,
but of this glory we are unable to contain.
Stealing and reeling from the love of the Giver,
Only Grace and Mercy could ever save us
from who we think we’re not.


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