This is what we are

heart shape bruises and late night kisses

this is what we are

we are greedy and selfish with each other’s time.

we are vicious and demanding of the others body

we fight and kick and scream

we break and burn each other


we make love that causes earthquakes 

we cause mind-shattering orgasms in each other’s thoughts 

we hold each other until our glass pieces fit back together again

this is what we are

we are burning passion and tender touches

we are aggressive kisses followed by soft caresses

we are love and hate and bliss and pain

this is what we are

we are lips drenched in tequila while our words spill over each other in drunken conversation

we are heart felt confession between tears and cigarettes on 2am rooftops

we are lost kids finding ourselves in each other’s embraces

this is what we are

we are young and in love 

we are learning to love ourselves as much as we love each other

we are holding tight through the nightmares and tighter through the memories 

we are beacons to each other; a constant reminder that there is someone there, that we are never alone

this is what we are

we are the minorities that straight parents shield their children from

we are pride flags strewn across safe places

we are the kids who lost their lives to hate 

we are the kids who made it through

we are stronger together than we are apart 

this is what we are

we are a burning hate for everything that is the same and a passionate understanding of everything that is different; for everything that is us

this is what we are

we are heart shaped bruises and late night kisses learning to love one another through it all 

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