What was I to you?


Why did you pretend to love me?

My life feels ruined without you.

I was content with my outlook on life until you came along

You made me believe I could have a best friend, that I could love,and that life wasn't all bad.

But, you proved, just like everything else in my life, to be toxic. 

I can't even go anymore without constant reminders of what we once had.

Relearning how to skate again with you, riding bikes in the park, and trying new food. 

But you used me. You always lied to me; you twisted everything I would say.

But I am a constant drain on you?

No one is perfect, so why would you expect that of me?

Everything you ever asked for, I gave it to you

All i wanted was your time, nothing else

Time to create more memories

What about all your words of us growing old together

What was I to you?


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