What Was Beyond Me

You told me you liked the song,

So I learned the whole album.

You told me you liked the book,

So I read the whole library.

You told me you liked me,

So I tried to like me too.


Beyond you, I wasn't anything,

Beyond you, I couldn't function,

Beyond you, I was me.


I was with you through and through

Everything I did was all for you,

you made me worth it, you made me feel good,

until you didn't, and until I didn't.


Beyond you, I was hopeless.

Beyond you, I was alone.

Beyond you, I was me.


The one constant of my life with you was you.

Without you, I was me.

I made myself need you, 

I made you the only thing for me.

I made myself a low priority,

When that's what I should have made you.


When I thought you were my one thing,

I learned that you had two.

Once I made you choose,

I was number two.


Now my only constant,

is me.

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