what uplifts you?

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 09:49 -- 15bbird

I'm asked 'waht uplifts you?'

but I don't even know.

What brings you joy?

I usually just shrug,

unsure of how to answer.

But maybe there's a lot

more than I'm letting on.

I begin to feel giddy

when I see people being together.

Writing this out has also

brought me joy.

I feel happy when

i simply get to lounge around.

I love swimming underwater,

just the feel of water flowing around me.

There's also my sister, who's my best friend.

She always brings a smile upon my face.

There's to many things,

on this happiness list,

to write down.


Maybe there was a lot more

than I had expected.

this knowledge

is another thing

on this long list. 




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