What They Think

She THINKS she's cute

She THINKS she's smart

She THINKS she's all that

She THINKS she's a part...


Of our clique, clique, clique

But she ain't and she don't even know it

We laugh at her and not with her

We talk to her, because when she turns her back

We stab her


She THINKS she's the one

She THINKS she's fun

She THINKS she's special

She THIINKS she's won...


The fight, FIGHT! FIGHT!

Scream the students in the hall way

As she's lying on the ground, covering her face

She's helpless, defenseless, and ashamed

Thought she had friends, but it was all fake


She can't be thinking clearly now

And the sad part is that this is what they THINK!

Oh no, I saw it all coming, because I KNOW hate

I KNOW what they had planned, but it's NOT in my fate


She KNOWS herself

She KNOWS her work

She KNOWS her supporters

She KNOWS her worth


So, they can keep thinking what they want to think

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