What They Say

My emotions move slow

Trying to keep my head low

I'm pent up 

And ready to blow

That's what I know 

I'm sick

I'm lonely

And home sick

Missing kid shit

And wanting to split

From school

Watching fools break the rules

Useless tools 

That build more walls

Than bridges

We're living in hatred

Yet, in many ways, paper pays

But I wonder how we'll make it today

Death on doorsteps

Bodies dropping

From pistol popping

No ones stopping

Left him rotting 

Now the local news is watching 

Just a show 

To let others know

This is the hell 

That befell 

Black people, 

And we're the reason 

we're not living well,

A dead lie,

That can only thrive 

If you're not alive


This poem is about: 
My community
My country



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